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เรียนภาษาจีน (พื้นฐาน-ขั้นสูง) article

Levels Chinese

Chinese course will begin teaching Chinese since there is no focus on the basic practice speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammatical level. The level used to work as an interpreter for translation competitive exams. Study in China And in everyday life

The Chinese can be divided into 4 classes or 12 levels.

One. Levels Beginner Beginner divided into three classes, including class 1 (B1), class 2 (B2), and class 3 (B3). material that students will begin classes from vowels, spelling, pronunciation, mix the mix. Phrase, sentence, telling question sentence rejecting adjectives about the conjugation verb form such as the present, past and future, as well as situations such as telephone conversations, shopping, ordering food into best practice. this

Two. Middle class is divided into three courses including Medium Intermediate 1 (M1), intermediate 2 (M2), and the middle class 3 (M3). material that students will begin to make an appointment. The causes and results in a sentence. Applying grammatical tougher sentences used in the complex. The authors briefly As well as its use in everyday life.

Three. Levels of the middle class - higher Intermediate divided into three classes, including the middle class - higher 1 (I1), the middle class - higher 2 (I2), the middle class - higher 3 (I3). material that students will learn to practice the syntax. forecast higher in speaking, listening, reading and writing before the class. Chinese students can go through the test easily. Or to work very well.

Four. Levels high and consists of 3 courses include Advance Advanced 1 (A1), Higher 2 (A2), class 3 (A3). , content will focus on grammar and advanced vocabulary. Content that is hard to learn Have to read a long article on the Chinese. I have been practicing for a long article. Students speak Communicate with Chinese fluently. And use more complex sentences, as well as students can use to study in China.

One . mainstream Price 4,500  baht for 24  hours     

 For those who have never studied Chinese before.  , or the Chinese knowledge only course is to teach Chinese as well. 4 skills of listening  , speaking  reading  writing  learning and understanding easier
on bringing Chinese for use in everyday life.


 Two.  lessons or group classes themselves. 

 - Select time courses If tuition classes 8. , 000 baht (10 hours)

- Special discounts are given to group themselves according to the number of students that apply.

- Applied start immediately. (I have an appointment in advance) 

- Special discounted admission 3-course Chinese.  1,000 THB
- Thailand and taught by the teacher.

Three.  Intensive Course   

  See the announcement of Robert Langen facility. Which opens only intermittently. 


- Does not include books about  150-200  baht  ( depending on the target language)

- number of students in a course usually between.  6-20  people per class

- Number of students in accelerated courses to get up.  : 10  people per class

- teachers are all native speakers and language specialist teachers in Thailand. 


The school will be taught by the level of knowledge and proficiency of the students in each course. 

 Ask for details at   

02-2511250 , 02-251-1288, 081-9213351,086-3692124



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